Smart City Tech Planning Handbook

Wade Sarver
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The Smart City Tech Planning Handbook

Your Smart City Planning Guide for broadband, IOT, and solutions in technology. A handbook for learning more about smart city use cases, technology, and roll out.

Most cities want to be a smart city and they are looking for technology to save them. I once saw a TED talk where they described a smart city as being the way the buildings are built. Let me tell you something, the buildings are constructed in these cities. While it would be wonderful to plan a smart city from scratch, it’s not the reality of the cities out there. They intend to improve the existing city infrastructure, which is no easy task. That’s the purpose of this book, to help you work with cities and have them develop their smart city initiatives. Develop a plan!

Solving these Smart City Questions:

  • Do you know that the smart city is here now?
  • What is a Smart City?
  • How do you plan the Smart City infrastructure?
  • Where do you start when developing the smart city?
  • What planning is involved?
  • Whom should I partner with?
  • What about permitting, rent, acquisition, construction planning?
  • Whom should we work with? 

Learn all this and more from case studied and deployment planning. The rest is up to you!

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  • Size2.49 MB
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Smart City Tech Planning Handbook

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